Rates still near historic lows

Rates are in fact still near historic lows.  For those of you still waiting to refinance, what are you waiting for?!?

Perhaps a better question would be… which would make you more upset? 

  • We DID lock-in your interest rate, and mortgage rates went down.
  • We DIDN’T lock-in your interest rate, and mortgage rates went up.

The answer to that question should help you decide whether or not to go ahead and refinance.  There will be a few who miss out on these rates. Don’t be one of them!

Oh, also, be sure you have the help of a mortgage professional who keeps a close watch on the Mortgage Backed Security (mbs) market, undersatnd the trend lines of resistance and support in the mbs market, is aware of upcoming econmic reports, US Treasurey policy, Federal Reserve policy, and how all of this affects mortgage rates.

Don’t know of anyone like that? Don’t hesitate to contact me.  We can review your current situation and see if there is a rate and time that makes sense for you to refinance.

Get started now while rates are still at these historic lows!

Clay Jeffreys is a Mortgage Consultant with Dunwoody Mortgage Services, Inc. and writer for “Blog Pertaining to the Acquisition of a Mortgage to Purchase a Domicile.”  Dunwoody Mortgage Services seeks to provide mortgage brokerage services with the highest standards of service, care, honesty, integrity and value; concentrating on owner-occupied, residential financing.  For more information about Dunwoody Mortgage and available programs, please visit www.dunwoodymortgage.net.


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